Kidatu Ltd

The Client

Kidatu Ltd

Based at Wrest Park, Bedfordshire.

Kidatu Ltd delivers a comprehensive portfolio of secure, operator-led and unattended Court Hearing conference call solutions globally.

The Challenge

To introduce 4 partition screens to make a safe Covid-19 office working environment.

To supply and install 3 low-level tambour styled cupboards for storage.

To refurbish a Kitchen for employee use.

This project needed to be completed under the Government Covid-19 Construction Guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff, other Contractors, and the Staff at Kidatu Ltd.

The Solution

In the Office

To supply and install 4 half-glazed plasterboard partition screens, approximately 1.8 linear metres long by 2.6m high. The partition is constructed using a 50mm steel stud framework at 600mm centres clad on each side with a single layer of pre-vinyled 12.5mm plasterboard and 40mm insulation in the void. The customer had a choice of colours for the wall covering, frames, trims, and tracks.
To supply, deliver and install 3 x 730mm high low level and 1 x 1900mm high tambour styled cupboards with white carcasses and internal shelves and burgundy tambour doors.

In the Kitchen

To supply and install an additional run of worktop 2m long with a 400mm wide under counter drawer unit, a 1000mm wide under-counter cupboard and a 400mm wide ‘bin space’ and a wall-mounted shelf to support two microwaves above the new section of worktop and cupboards.

To fulfil our Health and Safety obligations safe working practices utilising social distancing, PPE, and handwashing and sanitising were developed and implemented together with the relevant Risk Assessments, Method Statements and recording procedures.

The Results

Half Glazed Partition Screens

Tambour Styled Storage Cupboards

Tambour Styled Storage Cupboards

Fitted Kitchen Worktops and Storage Cupboards

Fitted Kitchen Worktops and Storage Cupboards