Kings Church, Cambridge

The Client

King’s Church Cambridge

King’s Church is a church based in the heart of Cambridge, and they contacted Commercial Interiors & Storage Ltd to renovate and update their premises. They had initial designs which involved extending the existing premises to incorporate the new toilet block, fitting a stair lift to ensure that disabled members of the congregation could enter the premises with ease, and installing a new café lounge which would provide refreshments and a social area. They also wanted the main sanctuary room to be fitted with a new floor and generally brought up to date.


The Challenge

As the client already had a specific design in mind and they knew what they wanted to achieve, the main challenge was meeting the client expectations and finishing it all in budget and to a set deadline. Our task was to extend and completely renovate the premises to accommodate the growing numbers, install a lift to provide disabled access and fit a café lounge to provide a social area for the families who visit the church and require a safe area where they can enjoy the various refreshments on offer.

This was a large specification and required an expert who was able to project manage the entire task, ensuring that the overall finish was completed to a professional standard and there was a succinct style throughout.


The Solution

  • Meeting the Clients Expectations
  • Making the Designs A Reality
  • Keeping to Budget
  • The Problems Encountered & Overcome

At Commercial Interiors & Storage we place a great emphasis on planning, and we believe that this is one of the most effective ways to meet the expectations of our client. These expectations were initially managed by supplying detailed quotes with supporting drawings on the work to be undertaken.

We arranged frequent site visits to ensure that the project was going to plan, and that a senior member of our team was there to handle any problems which arose. As with most projects, we encountered a few problems such as the property having an insufficient supply of electrical capacity. To overcome this, we needed to bring in a new supply of electricity from outside the buildings boundary. Furthermore, when we came to lay the Mezzanine floor the baptistery pit presented a problem, which was solved by designing a completely unique mezzanine floor plan.

The inside of the church prior to the project:

Inside King's Church before the work started A before image of Kings Church

The construction process of the mezzanine floor:

The beginning of construction in King's Church The frame used to support the mezzanine floor in Kings Church The constructed mezzanine floor in King's Church

The Results

  • Premises Were Updated to Specification & Budget
  • Clients Were Pleased with the Outcome

By managing the client’s expectations and ensuring that the project ran smoothly from start to finish, and to a set budget, the client was left extremely happy with the finished result. By listening and utilising the years of experience we have in the industry, we were able to deliver on all counts.

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The completed ground floor level, including the café lounge:

Featuring a glass partition entrance into the café.

The new entrance and stairway in King's Church The glass partition entrance into the Kings Church canteen The completed canteen area within King's Church

The new staircase and easy-access lift:

The new stairway in King's Church The new staircase in King's Church The new lift installed in King's Church

The new mezzanine floor:

The bespoke mezzanine floor, working around the existing baptistery pit.

The mezzanine entrance in King's Church The completed mezzanine floor in King's Church