Movianto UK Ltd | Semi-Clean Room

The Client

Movianto UK Ltd

Movianto are a leading European healthcare logistics and storage provider with their Bedford site the Headquarters for their UK operation. This was a contract with a new client that required the creation of a semi-clean room complete with services for the assembly & servicing of specialist surgical equipment and a storage area complete with shelving for a pick & pack operation for consumables used during surgical operations.

The Challenge

  • To create a cost-effective semi-clean room
  • To create shelving design to maximise storage and picking efficiency
  • To complete the project in an appropriate time frame
  • To stay within a set budget

The Solution

We were able to work with the client suggesting various solutions and layouts within their budget. Our solutions consisted of partitioning systems, shelving, compressed air system, and ESD Desking. Once the order was secured we then agreed on a schedule to ensure the installation was completed to meet the agreed handover date.

We created a design that delivered both the storage locations required together with the picking efficiency needed. The work was completed on their existing mezzanine floor. We installed a double-skin Troax Elan partition to enclose the space, and the area was then fitted with Treston ESD Benches for anti-static assembly. This worked together with a medical-grade compressed air system to power the assembly tools and Dexion Sysco shelving for storage.

The Results

The solution resulted in improved efficiency and met the client’s requirements for the semi-clean room environment.

Internal shelving image Installed shelving

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