Movianto UK Ltd

The Client

Movianto UK Ltd

Bedford Depot

Movianto UK Ltd is a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare product storage and distribution organisation.



The Challenge

To supply and install a locking mesh cage with protective kick angle and bollards around the cage.

The Solution

The installation of a four-sided enclosure measuring 3372mm by 4000mm by 3372mm by 4000mm.  The 4000mm side includes a 2000mm wide, double side hung mechanical keypad door.  The other door leaf is held in place by a drop bolt.  The cage includes a mesh ceiling measuring 3800mm by 4000mm.  Lighter duty anti-collapse panels were supplied for the ceiling-some of these panels were cut to suit on site.

Kick angles and bollards were installed around the cage for protection.

The Results

A secure locking mesh cage for protected storage.

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