Residence Max Acoustic Working Pod Product

As companies plan for their return to the office, what’s needed more than ever is a workplace that not only caters to employee physical and mental wellbeing, but one that is also an attractive space – a destination staff want to go to.


Residence Max Product


The Residence Max acoustic working pod prioritises user comfort, acoustics and healthy materials to allow longer periods of focused working in a protective sanctuary. An unmatched spacious interior combined with extremely high quality acoustics, adjustable ventilation and the option of an electric height-adjustable desk make for a truly user-centric experience. It is available in two sustainable variations – Wellness and Wellness Plus, which offers the ultimate in healthy materials with zero-added formaldehyde fixed wall and upholstery panels, 99% free of red-list materials and FSC certified.


Residence Max Product Residence Max Product Residence Max Product