Social Distance Floor Mats

We are now selling floor mats that have been designed to promote social distancing.

Protect Your Employees & Visitors

  • Communicate the social distancing rules to your customers to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.
  • Perfect for use within public buildings such as offices, supermarkets, hospitals etc.
  • Cost-effective and highly durable.
  • Printed digitally for superb colour reproduction and definition.
  • Low profile borders to reduce the risk of tripping (6mm height)
  • Vinyl back ensures that the mats stay in place.
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees Celcius.
  • Available with a 50M x 50mm double-sided tape roll – Please call for more details.
  • Available with red or blue graphics.
  • 2000Lm x 650Wmm
  • 10-day delivery

Order Your Social Distancing Floor Mats Today

To find out more about our social distancing floor mats, please call 01234 824 444 or fill out an enquiry form.

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