CIS & Dexion: Providing Space Solutions to The Automotive Industry

The unique challenges posed to the automotive industry of how to store – at times large and awkwardly shaped – car components requires an intelligent solution. Dexion, one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of pallet racking, shelving, storage machines and systems, manufacture solutions that guarantee speed, flexibility and security of component supply, and here at CiS Interiors Ltd we are proud to be suppliers of these first-class products.

Solutions for Storage

Their tailor-made shelving solutions can be designed to suit any kind of unusual storage requirement, with both Toyota Belgium and Toyota Spain benefiting from multi-tier storage solutions.

Pallet racking and mobile pallet racking (MOVO) are another two effective solutions that can increase storage capacity as well as make the accessing of parts easier and more efficient. Benefits include maximising the use of floor space, having total access to individual pallets and flexibility, thanks to the modular design.

Solutions for Spare Parts Retailers

Similar to the problems faced by automotive manufacturers, spare parts retailers can find it difficult to store bulkier items, while a wide stock variation requires a high number of product lines to cover current and old models.

CiS Ltd’s shelving solutions can be designed to accommodate even the most unusual automotive products. For example, bespoke shelving mounted on a mobile base can provide an ideal solution to tyre storage.

automotive spare parts storage P90 exhausts

Solutions for Workshops

The main challenge for automobile workshops is that they require adequate storage for the various spare parts required as well as suitable space for carrying out repair work.

Balancing this need is where CiS Ltd can help, providing tailored shelving for small parts, storage machines that can increase component picking by up to 60%, as well as other automotive accessories for improving efficiency.

To find out more about the automotive storage solutions that are available here at CIS Interiors, give us a call on 01234 824 444 today.